47/365 – Find the Fear and Go There.

47/365 – Find the Fear and Go There.

Where do ideas come from?
Mostly, I believe, from our feelings. From what we see, experience and, above all, from what we feel. Our feelings influence our thoughts and our decisions, they can change our lives in a moment or affect a decision. We depend on our feelings and rely on them to feel alive and present.

So why should fear be mentioned?

If I think back to my life I find the best decisions I took were taken to go where my fear was. I always accepted the challenge, and certainly failed a certain number of times, to make the experience even when this was a risky one. I always found the challenge of going against my comfort zone and reach a different level of understanding that would often go against my limits the best move I could do. It is only by trying what we find it is hard to try that we can find what we are looking for and, mostly, discover new things.

Fear can be a good friend, tough but true and transparent. We shouldn’t ask too much and often we should just find it and go there to live it as it is.



I believe the quote “find the fear and go there” comes from Chip Saltsman, a great colleague, and facilitator of mine when he was talking about how to engage in new ways with participants to a workshop as a facilitator.

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