48/365 – Should We Make a List?

48/365 – Should We Make a List?

What should we do when we look for inspiration?

Making a list is NEVER a bad idea. Lists help you find out what you are missing and what needs to be prioritized. Lists help you see clearly and clean up your mind. Lists help bring it out and not letting it sleep in…So, why shouldn’t we make a list?

Ideas of what to put in a list:

  • what do I have in mind
  • what/who do I need to help me get it done
  • what’s missing
  • what gets in my way
  • what can I learn from past experiences
  • what’s going to make it different
  • why
  • what is it going to change: for me, for others, for the planet…
  • what’s the first action to be taken
  • ….

Lists can go on and on and on…the best thing to do is to start one and make it “good enough for now”. It is a starting point, a way to get clear directions. Should we make a list?

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