46/365 – Too busy

46/365 – Too busy

How many times do we tell ourselves “I’m too busy to do it”?

That’s a lie. We are never too busy to do something and the real trick is in organizing our time. By priority, by importance, by meaning…you can find your own way and the one that makes more sense to you, but I believe it’s all a matter of putting things in line and get them done.

Too busy means there’s too much going on and something needs to be postponed or canceled.
Too busy means we can’t decide.
Too busy doesn’t mean there are too many things but rather that they are not the right ones.

Next time you think “too busy” make a written list of what keeps you in that condition, verify they are all important and start giving priority until you go down to maximum three you really need to get done today.
In my mind, being busy is a good thing, our brain keeps moving and our creativity keeps finding solutions to new issues. Until we are busy with something we are alive; wouldn’t be much worst to be out of things to do at all?

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