43/365 – Make It a Choice

43/365 – Make It a Choice

We all have our favorite colors and we tend to dress them, choose them, shoot them all the time. Our favorite color often speaks to what we are and what we feel.

My favorite color is clearly red. It is a color for passion, for intensity and clarity. It is the color I choose when I don’t have to think about it, the color that stays with me in the back of the mind.

For that reason, I challenge it as much as I can. That’s what makes me comfortable and I want to explore what makes the difference instead. A color is just an example of how should be conscious of what’s comfortable for us just to be able to go somewhere else: it’s a journey of both starting from there and see what else is available as well as a potential confirmation that our initial choice was the right one.

Follow your passions and don’t forget to challenge them a little bit every day.

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