3/365 – Repetition

3/365 – Repetition

I find so true that when you want to really own something, in terms of know-how and mastery, you need to do it again and again over time, in other words: Practice.
I love the concept of repetition and that’s the main idea behind the Postcards and the One Sketch a Day projects. I love the daily appointment with myself and the moment of reflection that springs from that. I started both of them with the idea of learning and exploring something¬†from scratch or just wanting to get better at it. I started because I wanted to explore what generates an idea and to learn a new tool (the videos in the Postcards) and to constantly practice in something I don’t do enough just for myself (drawing every day).

Repetition generates all sorts of reflections:

  • Why am I doing it?
  • How else could I do it?
  • What makes it different from yesterday?
  • What’s the easiest way to make it different from yesterday?
  • How is it relevant to me and to the world?
  • How will I have fun doing it again tomorrow?
  • Where do I look for inspiration?
  • And again, why am I doing it?

If you daily find the answers to 80% of these questions you probably don’t think about repetition as something boring, negative or just always looking alike.

Just as I do.


[the drawings in the banner are extracts from last year project, soon publish in a little booklet – stay tuned if you are interested in getting a copy :-)]

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