2/365 – Wait Until It Comes.

2/365 – Wait Until It Comes.

There are days like today where I know it has to come. Day two is always weird because I wonder if Day One made any sense and then start thinking about what should go next. Is it going to be a confirmation of something that didn’t work or something that will suddenly delete something that worked perfectly?

What I found out is that you don’t need to look for an idea, you just need to be very aware of what’s around. There are things you might want to consider, such as avoiding repetition just by being in the same environment or not being banal by using stereotypes or just copy from others, but I try to mostly free my mind by doing whatever you want. Do something you like, if possible. That helps.

Doing stuff helps.

I do stuff for myself, with my kids, for a friend…and most of the times the idea shows up there, suddenly and without any struggle in looking for it. From stuff comes stuff: you just need to be aware that’s the way it is and keep your eyes open. And do it.

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