201/365 – Is It Too Much?

201/365 – Is It Too Much?

I see things and sometimes they talk to me. Then I listen to what they have to say. Images, most of the time, have something to say, something to tell me specifically. That’s what happens with this blog and how most of this blog happens. I don’t plan too much what I will write or think about, it just crashes against me and I take advantage of it.

Is it too much to try something different every day?
Is it too much to choose between doing and not doing?
Is it too much to look at everything with that eye?

What is too much? How does it change from person to person?

I believe these questions have different answers for each of us and our task, one of our many tasks, is to identify our way, our very personal answer so that we can make a choice between options and possibilities.

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