200/365 – Obsessed (Dis)order.

200/365 – Obsessed (Dis)order.

I collect everything: objects, memories, smiles, hugs, signs, markers, books, prints, drawings, memories.

I’m obsessed by collecting things, archiving memories and ideas, keeping track of what my life is made of. I think it is close to being a disease although I’m not there yet.
I think.
But I’m not sure.

Anyway, why is it?
I just like keeping track of my evolution and that happens, for me, through what’s around me. I like being able to refer to something I thought about a few years ago (or a couple of minutes ago) and find it again, rework it, forget it. I like the possibility of fishing in the past and see what’s been: a short journey in past possibilities that for some reason didn’t blossom into something else.

I keep all the badges I had since I started doing workshops. That’s because of Chip Saltsman, who I met in my first event and was doing the same thing. That way I have the impression of keeping track of time passing by and that I can find references to my past experiences in there. I can pick up one at any moment and remember who I was with and what I was doing.

All of these memories are potential ideas unexpressed but I have them all there, and I can even touch them.

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