17/365 – Take Your Time

17/365 – Take Your Time

Time is condition and not a choice.

Time is what we have to make our ideas and projects live within.
It’s a border line drawn by life: sometimes a loose line, sometimes a line without options of flexibility. What we want to do, we have to make it work within a time condition, no matter what. This means our choices are driven by the time we have and in most of the contexts I believe that’s an advantage. Within a given time we can prototype and iterate our ideas: the shorter it is the time, the better we will get at choosing between available options. Within a too short timeframe, we are allowed to do mistakes and completely rethink what we are doing.

Time can help us set expectations and finalize more stuff.
Time gives us something tangible we can refer to when lost.
Time sets us up for action.
Time creates an ideal box within which we can move.
Time is the one thing that will help us measure a result, after all.

I love a quote I believe is from my colleague Tom Kehner. “He once told participants in a workshop In the next 30 minutes, you have all the time you want to complete your task.”

Enjoy it!

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