135/365 – Play Hard, Smile Harder.

135/365 – Play Hard, Smile Harder.

I basically write everything I learn and apply every day in this blog.

I write what I notice and what I think is worth sharing, hoping that it will lead to some great ideas and will inspire people going through it.

Using my daily experiences to get inspired myself is not always easy and not easy at all when you don’t have so many chances to change environment, experiences or context. It is when you are closed or stuck in the same place or condition for many hours or, sometimes, even days, that you realize how precious are the hours and times outside, where variety and surprises are with you all along the way.

So this is my reflection for the day which is, in a nutshell, the reason why I’m doing this blog: I believe we can find something amazing, relevant or just different in every day of our lives.

I believe every day, even the worst one or a sad one, has something to leave behind, to teach us, to tell us. We have to take the energy that comes our way and transform it into what we need: we are interpreters of the energies and we are the ones making something out of them.

For us, for all the others and for the world.

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