120/365 – Learn from Others.

120/365 – Learn from Others.

I learned that by observing others I learn more than by looking for something anywhere else.

This has to do with my profession where I can learn how to do or better do something by observing someone else doing it.
But also applies to idea generation, where I find ideas in what other people are doing, even if not at all connected with what I need. I just find meaning, a deeper knowledge hidden in a movement, in a habit, in a tradition.

And so it is that by observing people cooking for a large group I think about the concept of scaling, of planning, of improvisation. It just makes me reflect on something I see and live every day and look at it from a different perspective.

And by looking at that movement I can come up with an idea, just like that, just like today. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t speak the same language or it doesn’t communicate the same concept, sometimes it is just enough to pick up from what we see and make it ours, transforming it in what we actually need as if we already knew the recipe.

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