12/365 – It’s Always about Love.

12/365 – It’s Always about Love.

Love is powerful. Love moves mountains and ideas. Ideas are a result of love and care.

You have to love what you are doing to make it beautiful, and sometimes even just to make it. It is important to both find love in what you are doing, which might mean changing your point of view or trying hard in finding what you love or just looking more carefully, and find something to do that you can love.
There is no way ideas can be generated by hate or angriness: feelings affect the way we think and a peaceful mind has definitely more chances to create something original than a mind that’s been busy with bad thoughts.

So, open your heart, live your feelings and leave space to unexpected possibilities. Ideas come through channels of love for yourself and for others, for what you do and for the planet. When lacking ideas, think about something you really love and go there: describe it, cut it into pieces, extract the essence, transform it, tell it to others.

Live Open Valuing Exploration.

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