97/365 – True or False?

97/365 – True or False?

It’s always good to ask yourself this question.
It helps define where you are and where you want to be. It helps to identify a filter for your decisions and your actions.

What are you looking for in the creative action?
True is usually all that reflects with transparency yourself, your intentions and thoughts.
False is usually the interpretation with a filter you choose to share with others, instead of what’s genuine.

It can also be seen in other ways though.
True is only what you choose to tell, and false doesn’t exist, it is only an illusion that there’s a justice to the content, that there is someone judging what’s better between one and the other.

Be true to yourself and false to the feeling that something true really exists. It is only a matter of context and consequences, there’s nothing we can predict with precision anyway, so why bother?

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