82/365 – Be there.

82/365 – Be there.

It is not important to win as much as it is to participate.

You have to be there, you only have to show up and be present. There isn’t much else to do. 

Ideas run with you, around you, in front of you. And you get tired and frustrated and excited by training in getting them done and real. It is a sport just like anyone else: it requires a good and unbalanced mix of focus, luck, talent, help, and vision. Don’t look around too much, don’t think about what others are doing or how fast they are going. Focus on your own piece and performance, set up your own standards and goals: they are primarily only for you and your.

All we have to do most of the times is to show up in time and make sure to be there for real, to see it coming and make it ours without letting it go.

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