71/365 – Solitude.

71/365 – Solitude.

As I run my longest run in the foggy hills in an early Sunday morning around Bologna, I wonder if that kind of solitude looks like anything I feel when creating.

Creation is a process you can share with others, both at an intellectual level and at a practical level.
Creativity is often the result of a collective effort and takes from collaboration, group genius, sharing.

This morning, though, I was thinking about the solitude that creates space for thoughts to emerge, for deepness to emerge, for what’s hidden to reveal itself. And while reflecting in the fog (running) I thought about how much I appreciate, sometimes, solitude, in my creative process.
It is not something I look for all the time but definitely something I need from time to time.
To go a little deeper.
To have a trusted conversation with myself.
To let these thoughts go.

To be.

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