65/365 – All Broken.

65/365 – All Broken.

It’s better to start from something than nothing.
It is easier to transform something we already into something new than creating from zero.

And so why not breaking what we already have and starting from that?
I want to explore here the concept of breaking it and building it again.

When stuck with an idea I often look for inspiration somewhere else: sometimes is somebody else’s work, sometimes is a book, sometimes is in old projects. What I look for is something that will still have a little insight or detail I can retain and re-use.

Then I break it and build it again, in different ways, with different objectives, with better shape.

I find amazing how much ideas come from the material we already have or have had in the past, almost as if we always have what we need in our hands, we are not looking in the right place!

This post has been inspired by “Broken” by Pantera.

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