63/365 – From a Different Vantage Point.

63/365 – From a Different Vantage Point.

I’m amazed by how many different vantage points we can look at things from. Just by moving from one corner to the other or by closing an eye, or laying down on the floor instead of standing.

That’s what happened with this post. I realized I was looking at something from a different view and not only: I was seeing it different. It had a different shape, first of all, but then also a different meaning. It suggested all sorts of different stories and vibes, and in some way it revealed itself.

An exercise I’ve done at the Presencing Institute Foundation makes you describe your life and then look at it from different angles, taking notes of what you see differently from each of them. It’s amazing how much changes you can perceive just by changing point of view, and that’s definitely a source of inspiration and suggestions for our creativity.

When stuck, start by changing vantage point.

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