54/365 – Inspire!

54/365 – Inspire!

It is our role as creative minds (which for me includes, by definition, all human beings) to inspire others in what they do, dream or aspire to be.
It is our role to generate ideas that can inspire higher thoughts and better feelings.
It is our role to inspire our children to find what they want to be in their life.

To inspire is an imperative, it isn’t something we can choose to do or not do, it is something¬†we have to be.

And as we start thinking about how to inspire others by what we do, what we create and the choices we make, we start seeing that we get inspired too. It is a reinforcing loop that grows faster each time we tap into it.

We inspire and get inspired.
We teach and learn.
We give and take.



Lettering by Heather Martinez.

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