36/365 – Frightened of New Ideas.

36/365 – Frightened of New Ideas.

I find that sometimes the worst enemy of my ideas is myself. Ideas need space and freedom to emerge and the only way to block them from coming is to deny them the space they need. Even further, I sometimes feel that I’m frightened just by the idea of having a new idea and look for the comfort that will create safety for myself and my own creative process.

It is often a space of blindness, a spot we yet have to explore, a jungle of uncertainties, that creates the right environment for ideas to show up and that space makes us worry because we don’t know what’s behind it. That feeling of looking for something and not knowing where to find it or where it will come from is not a nice feeling: we are left alone to face the complexity of coming up with something and often we find comfort in an old idea or habit.

The beauty for me is again in the capacity to leave that fear behind and go ahead, discovering what the mix of trying and failure will give birth to.



“I can’t understand why everyone is frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”
 John Cage

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