321/365 – Where Is It Going?

321/365 – Where Is It Going?

So many times my mind goes in many places but the one where I currently am or should be. I just can’t stop it.

Or that’s what I thought until now.

To create, to write, to think…we have to be connected with our minds.
What is this blog if not a way to find a moment of connection with an intention, a practice that becomes a habit, a reflection?

I find this the hardest exercise: to keep the mind there. Meditate on my own practice.
I constantly look for ways to do that, and therefore I get distracted by that very action and get lost. Getting lost is the first opportunity to notice and come back, so here we are!

If you aren’t already, just start noticing, practicing, taking time to do it. It will bring new perspectives and hopefully old revelations to reflect on.

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