301/365 – Déjà vu (About Noticing).

301/365 – Déjà vu (About Noticing).

When I walk I look around a lot and I think one of my qualities is to notice things.
I tend to notice details and corners that aren’t necessarily interesting for others and, actually, this blog gets a lot of inspiration from what I scout while roaming around.

What we see looks often like a déjà vu or something we shouldn’t pay too much attention to. It might be true, most of the things we happen to see on the streets aren’t that relevant, but yet they might hide something: graphics, patterns, messages, art…

Training our capacity to notice things, to highlight in our brain something that is potentially interesting or that wants to become something, our capacity to share…becomes essential when creating: everything speaks to us and we just need to learn to listen.

I originally meant to write in this post about a déjà vu that probably happens to me writing these blog posts: I am not sure if I repeated anything in these past 300 posts. I don’t believe I do, but that might be just me imagining it.

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