247/365 – It’s A Kind Of Wonderland.

247/365 – It’s A Kind Of Wonderland.

It is not what it is but what we make of it.
The future, the planet, our ideas, our dreams only come true if we can give them a shape, if we can at least see that shape in our mind. And often we need someone else to help us see.

So this wants to be a celebration of a kind of wonderland.

It is a land of what should be, of what we want things to become, of the imagination that becomes truth. The only way to make the wonderland exist and come true is to dream it, plan for it and make it happen.

It is also a land of wants to be received through a direction and insights from others: listening carefully and being able to keep what’s relevant and wants to become is key to our being.

I am thankful for the land that comes my way as well as for you helping me see what needs to be.

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