222/365 – Change Habits.

222/365 – Change Habits.

One thing you want to make sure to do when creating and wanting to create something new all the time is to change your habits.

Even this blog becomes more and more the same thing if I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing and how I am doing it. And even then…
It’s hard, it’s really hard to do it but I know I need to pay attention to change my habits as soon as I recognize one. When I see a routine, a rhythm which is way too comfortable, I know it’s the time to change it. And it’s not easy to notice when it’s this case since we are in the middle of it.

But yet, that’s one of the most important and challenging things to do when wanting to create: don’t repeat, don’t copy and paste, don’t just go with what’s already there.

Notice the comfort and break it.

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