175/365 – In a Loop.

175/365 – In a Loop.

Sometimes, when you are doing something every day or creating in general, you get a sense of being in a loop.

Now, a loop can be viewed as a trap: something you can’t escape from, something you can’t avoid, something similar to a prison which is tracing the borders of your freedom. That’s not the way I see it.

Of the loop I like the fact that comes back, that is giving me certainties without asking, that is there, no matter what. Things happen for a reason, and it’s a simple reason. A loop helps me see things, and see them clearer. It gives me rhythm that I can manage and play with.

In a loop, I can find myself many times, always different or always the same because that’s not relevant. What’s relevant is what it allows me to do, which is to feel alive and progressing. That’s all I need.

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