126/365 – In Case Of Emergency.

126/365 – In Case Of Emergency.

This is about backup plans.

Taking so many airplanes we forget to listen to emergency instructions, or just don’t want to…or we give up on reading them. I’ve always been curious about them, I like to spot the little differences between different airlines and cultures, I just like to understand how they translate panic and danger into safe and relaxed images you are supposed to learn before taking off.

They are basically telling us we should always have a backup plan. And that is as true on a flight than in real life, and in creating ideas as well. We are humans, we have lives, we have families, hobbies, passions, unexpected moments…we can’t always control our plans and have them always go live smoothly.

That’s why it’s a good rule to keep something always there, ready to use, or nearly ready. Something that will save our ass. For me, those are usually little ideas not ready to be shared, that I keep in a corner and sometimes go back to. Often, they become my plans b and I thank them for being that.

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