124/365 – I See Faces.

124/365 – I See Faces.

There’s a series of pictures I take randomly and they are about shapes of the city that look like or remind me faces. They are hidden angles of cities and corners of the globe, little details not many notice, but I know there’s a little community around this idea.

Why is this relevant at all?

What our imagination is able to do with what’s given is essential. We can’t just live with what is there, visible and available to everybody. That’s visible, easy, accessible. Therefore, often, boring, repetitive, overseen. And that’s where being able to see with different eyes and perception helps create a distinction between reality and imagination, putting an emphasis on this second one.

Being able to see what’s not visible, to shape reality in a way that makes sense revealing its hidden meanings is what makes creativity really fascinating after all.


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