110/365 – In Between Time.

110/365 – In Between Time.

There’s time to do things and there’s the time in between.

The time in between is as useful and important and essential as the time itself. In between things, there’s time too and we can use it in many different ways. It’s not about using all the time we have available without leaving any for rest or thoughts. It is not about filling up every second we are not doing something else.

It is, for me, about considering time a condition and a tool.
It is a condition in terms of being what we have available. When we do something most of the times we have THAT amount of time available: not more, not less. A condition cannot be changed, it is what it is and we need to act around it.
It is a tool we can use to support our work: to limit our effort, to create constraints and enhance creativity, to leverage every possible moment to a moment of revelation.

I like the time in between because it comes without expectations and nevertheless it provides a lot of possibilities.

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