103/365 – Even If It Shines Like Gold.

103/365 – Even If It Shines Like Gold.

There’s a capacity we all need to develop as makers or idea developers.
That capacity is about understanding if what shines is gold or not.

Not that everything has to be gold, quite the opposite!
We need to develop the talent to be able to create something that shines, either if it’s real gold or not.
Not that we have to pretend we created something that’s gold. It is not about lying or pretending or faking it (although we might argue that faking it until you make it fits within this conversation…). It is about believing in it.

Most of what we do is just the energy we put into it and not so much about the tangible and visible part of it. It is on us to create the atmosphere, the context, the energy around something so that it delivers emotions to others.

We all shine like gold. If it is real or not, it’s only our problem.

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