60/365 – Go Small.

60/365 – Go Small.

When things get hard in creating I tend to go back to the basics.

This to me means playing with the extremes, not choosing a half way but looking for the place where things get peculiar for some reason. It might mean in some case to make my life hard and full of constraints so that my creativity comes in to solve the issues. Or it might be that I free up everything from common rules and play with easy standards, to explore what’s possible in those territories.

For me, this means that having constraints helps you be creative. I even have it tattooed on my arms: one side is the constraints side (my left arm with which I cannot write or draw) while the other side is creativity (my right arm, which can create and provide solutions).

So one way to go – and I will indeed explore more – is to go small. Go as small as you can. It could mean writing as little as possible, or drawing something¬†without too many expectations, or saying “good enough for now”. Or, still, look at the details and make them big, pick one only and see what’s there.
The unexpected revelations of this practice are under my eyes every day and I keep doing so since a long time.

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