49/365 – Having Choices.

49/365 – Having Choices.

When creating ideas I want to make sure I have choices available. There are all sorts of choices we can create at all different levels.

We can look for variety, creating a display of options we can fish from when needed.
We can count on quantity, making sure we have enough resources available.
We can look for quality, less and better, a few choices or just one, but that is there for us.

I think it is essential to create our own range of options, those that make us feel comfortable and safe. Along the experiment of creating one thing a day, being a video, an illustration or anything else, I found out that creating the conditions to avoid struggling with the last minute need is key. I want to have the choice of a Plan B available all the time: this doesn’t necessarily¬†mean I always have something ready in my pocket, but at least I have a backup of possibilities to source from. This is often a list (again, a list!) that’s somewhere, collecting what comes and goes, often something that will not make it become valuable, but is extremely useful in the moment when there’s nothing else available.

To transform something that’s already there is much easier and faster than creating something¬†from scratch, in a moment of crisis and need.

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