40/365 – Fearless?

40/365 – Fearless?

Courage is not about the absence of fear but being able to face it and deal with it.

This is a key principle for me when dealing with idea generation and I always want to keep in mind that my ideas are not to be judged by others but really belong to me in the first place. But in the process of making them public, just by sharing them, I lose control and ownership, they belong to everybody looking at them. This can be scary indeed and might hold ideas from coming out and be seen by the end of the world.

This blog, my videos on YouTube, each time I share a drawing or an idea I deal with my fear of perfection, of having done the right thing, of having taken into consideration all the different aspects I was supposed to take into account. And each time I decide to go beyond that moment wondering¬†what’s the worst thing that could happen and suddenly realizing it cannot be so bad to block me to go ahead.

And so here is another post to confirm this belief.

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