34/365 – Train The Muscle.

34/365 – Train The Muscle.

As I’m preparing for my first Marathon I think a lot. Running helps thinking and I like to take my thoughts and ideas and put them in my brain closet. I classify them by theme and priority and keep repeating them in my mind one after the other until I get to the end of my training session.

I, therefore, find myself training my body and my brain at the same time. I train my main muscles in an unconscious rhythm and flow. I am training my body to resistance and strength and in the same way, we can train our creative muscles. By having a rhythm of ideas creation and a flow of work that allows creativity to express itself without limits, we train ourselves to easily come up with a solution even in the most complicated contexts.

Go out, choose the muscle you want to train and start from there.


“In the moments of stress we do not rise to the maximum of our potentials but we go back to the level of our daily practices”.
Richard Strozzi Heckler

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