309/365 – Start From Scratch.

309/365 – Start From Scratch.

One thing to pay attention to is how much you are reinventing yourself.

When you are busy or feel tired it is hard to keep it up and make sure you have the constant creative tension that makes you create meaningful stuff all the time.

I think about it constantly (and tend to forget at the same time) and remind myself as often as I can that I shouldn’t get too comfortable with what we are doing to really be able to re-invent it, re-think it, re-imagine it.

It too easily risky to fall into a pattern of repetition and comfort and I would say it is fine for a short while. What’s really important is to be strong and smart enough to go back there often and test it until we understand we need to change something and start from scratch.

Which is, by the way, exactly where I am right now.

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