297/365 – Dig The Layers.

297/365 – Dig The Layers.

Creating is not always a matter of picking up the first thing and transform it into what you need.

There are days, like today for me, where you look for inspiration, for a sign, for the one thing that will make you happy by having an idea, the one you are looking for. These days sometimes end without anything, and one of the point of this blog is to explore what to do in those cases.

I guess one answer is in how much we are able and willing to dig the different layers of our research. Do we stop at the first finding, do we think that’s enough and get along with it just as if it was the one thing? When do we decide we dug enough and we can be happy with what we have?

The truth is that there isn’t one answer: the answer is the one we search and find in ourselves, at that moment, through the different layers we face in the process.

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