265/365 – They Are Watching You.

265/365 – They Are Watching You.

When you create you are giving a piece of yourself away each time.
In fact, the more what you create is personal and deeply connected to who you are and what you feel, the more likely will be something valuable and unique.

So imagine the creative process as the moment you are on stage and the audience is about to come in. You are thrilling, excited for what’s going to come, prepared for the show and with people you trust and have been working and rehearsing with for weeks.

The empty chairs are actually populated by your thoughts and fears. They look at us, they are there to watch us perform and we are there to give them something.

Creating is a performance, it involves all the emotions and efforts it takes to get on stage and perform a show.

Don’t be afraid of going on stage, it’s your moment and you deserve it.

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