263/365 – Don’t Ever Forget Anything.

263/365 – Don’t Ever Forget Anything.

You thought writing notes on your hands was for you when you were a kid.

You thought that losing an idea was ok since you had so many.

You believed note taking is not for cool people.

And that’s where you got it wrong: when working with ideas you want to make sure you don’t forget ANYTHING and you take notes of EVERYTHING.

I’ve been obsessed with this concept since I was a teenager, since I started having ideas in the middle of a conversation with friends…I was noticing I would have an idea, I would think “ok, I’ll catch it later, or tomorrow morning” and then it would just go. And it would be gone!

That’s when I started having notebooks with me all the time, to take notes of everything, in the middle of any situation.

I didn’t want to forget anything anymore, not even today.

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