28/365 – Why Not?

28/365 – Why Not?

This is the question I ask myself all the time.

I’m convinced the point is there, not in why we should do or try something but why we shouldn’t we?
Each time we start even thinking about a project or an idea we tend to list the reasons¬†why it won’t work, why it will not be possible, why we will not have the time or people will not appreciate it. I believe the point is in asking ourselves “why not”. Asking that question we might discover there’s more than we can see or imagine, there’s more we can do than what we planned and difficulties are maybe pieces of a puzzle we don’t see. Are they difficulties after all? Or are they signs of a path?

Asking ourselves questions help us define the boundaries we want to overcome.
Where else?
With or without who?
What’s missing?
What more?
What different?
What’s the opposite?

Why not?

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