256/365 – Don’t Sleep.

256/365 – Don’t Sleep.

I’m a big fan of not sleeping enough and using the saved sleeping time to “do stuff”. I still am a big fan of it, but over time I rethought my very integral approach to this concept.

I think sleeping is important and everybody should find the right rhythm and time that works for them. Sleeping helps to regain the energy needed to create and we can’t create without energy. Sleeping brings all sorts of new and unexpected ideas and insights and our mind doesn’t really function that well without our body being well rested. So, take a good sleep when you need it.

On the other side. if you feel you can stay up and work, do it! Early hours in the morning are GREAT moments to create, nobody is awake and connected, not even you, and that’s precious time. Using the time that I would have slept to create or do something makes me feel, most of the times, with a lot of additional energy. I learned to recognize the signs of my body asking for rest and also listening more to them, that’s very important too.

It is, as usual, the research for a good balance in between things.


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