24/365 – In Movement

24/365 – In Movement

Where do ideas come from?
This is the main question I’m exploring in this posts and I keep asking it to friends and colleagues, clients and peers.

Ideas come in movement. They don’t come from staying in front of a monitor or a device, nor from staring in front of a white piece of paper. They just don’t come, most of the times, we need to go to them.
So here is the thing: you have to get up and walk: walk towards a place, a moment, an object that will give you the hint you are looking for. Create your habits. Break them. Explore them and create them again.
Get out, live the moment, observe people and what stories they are telling you, talk to them and talk to a tree.
Just by taking one of these actions, ideas will start flowing around you and you will even be able to choose from a variety of them.

“From zero ideas to one is already a big step, then I will think about two, three, ten and so on…”*



*Thank You, Gaia Masiero, for the chat and the inspiration.

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