239/365 – On Sale.

239/365 – On Sale.

What if our next idea would be our final sale? What if whatever we are going to invent and create was the last piece we were putting on our list of priorities?

Sometimes thinking about our next idea as a last one of a kind, as a piece that can go away easily and “cheap”, might actually help.

Think about it as a sale, as a moment in time where everything you have must go out and leave space for other things.
It is actually good to free up space for the next new thing and the next new thing needs indeed some space to express itself.

It is about our ability to let go, to make room for the unexpected and for what’s not clear. A scary and courageous move at the same time, a way to take a move in a direction that will only bring something different: it’s up to us to understand what it is and make the best out of it!

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