229/365 – The Beauty Of Burning Out.

229/365 – The Beauty Of Burning Out.

There’s some sort of beauty in death and decadence…and so it was for these sunflowers.

Their deadly angle only made me think of beauty and romanticism as if in their death there was something fascinating and joyful. As if death, in this case, was the beauty factor. And there is some, surely enough, but that’s not relevant here.

What’s interesting in the sunflowers for me is that they are talking about the relationship with the sun. The sun they are supposed to adore and look at all the time, the sun which gives them a name and an attribute. Yet, they died from it, the get burned out by its power and unpredictable presence.

It is, somehow, like our relationship with creativity. We need it, we want it, we live off it and yet we can (metaphorically) die from it, from its power and misuse. Today’s image is a good reminder that every relationship needs a good balance and some sort of control, in order to stay healthy and not get burned out.

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