226/365 – Beautiful Imperfection.

226/365 – Beautiful Imperfection.

There’s something deep and beautiful in imperfection. Just like when you do a tasty cake and it doesn’t look esthetically as good as it is in your mouth…

And I want to celebrate that imperfection. The done better than perfect. The intention more than the execution. The idea more than the product.

That’s the way I like to think about ideas and creativity. The action of thinking about it, the only intention sets the energy for the whole thing more than the whole thing becoming true. Cooking is a great practice to learn this through a metaphor: you are never good enough, never perfect, never “done”. The more you try and experiment the better you get, not even getting close to perfection.

And that’s the game to play: doing is much more profound, relevant and rewarding than any final result you can achieve.



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