160/365 – Keep Calm.

160/365 – Keep Calm.

There are those days and times when everything and every force seems to be going in the wrong direction, or in general against our will. Those days and times are the ones that require the biggest effort in finding our balance and resilience to be able to keep going and keep going well.

I don’t have a solution or a suggestion but I can share what happens to me in those days and times and how creativity and idea generation is part of it.
When I get to realize I feel a concentration of weird, negative energy around me, a series of things start happening and suddenly all at the same time, and they are not good…I keep calm and observe. I spend time observing the movement, the rhythm, the origins, where there are patterns and where links start to emerge.

Usually, this observation helps identifying information that becomes relevant and can help define a next step or a counter move. But is mostly the capacity to keep calm not lose control that helps to get over these moments. Things happen for a reason, and all I’m doing in those circumstances is to listen to the reasons.

This speaks clearly to our creative process too: around any idea or creation there’s a lot of energy and we need to be able to recognize it, understand it, accept it and shift it in order to proceed with our tasks.

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