15/365 – Zoom Out

15/365 – Zoom Out

When you have one of those days where nothing comes your way, looking for it too hard probably isn’t worth it.

One way to go is to take a break and zoom out.

You can zoom out in many ways and here are a few I really practice and like quite a lot:

  • Get out and take a 10 minutes walk around the block, breath and just look around
  • Start doing something else, get lost in an alternative: you will either get back to your original activity and find the hint or you will find something in the new one
  • Take 3 books and go through them at a good rhythm: don’t stop too many times and just highlight the pages you find interesting. Choosing the right books is important: two should be about or close to the topic of your research and one should be about something completely different
  • Drink a cup of tea, or coffee or hot water


Zooming out is not about procrastinating or giving up, it is a needed condition to see things differently, to take a breath of fresh air and to give yourself the space to redesign your plan. Try it out and notice how far you can get from the base!

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