143/365 – DO.

143/365 – DO.

There’s no doubt a lot of this blog is about Doing. Doing as an act of creation, of feeling alive and active, of experimenting and learning, of putting things out in the world and look at the reaction.

I’m not only a fun and an advocate of doing as a good practice to feel alive and healthy, but I also feel learning about how important it is to find a balance between Doing and Not Doing. Both are relevant and their balance is even more.

I want to be able to choose and not only have one option of being able only to do…I like Doing A LOT: I like it because I love seeing things happen, taking shape, reveal, change, evolve. I love the learning part of doing as an act of experimentation; I love the act of filing myself in movement and in action. I love, ultimately, to stop and look at what was born from the Doing, often while in the phase of Not Doing.

The two things are for me strictly related and I’m learning more and more the value of the Not Doing as a way to recharge, rethink and…fill the gaps in between the Doing moments!

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