142/365 – Erase and Restart.

142/365 – Erase and Restart.

To create, you have to erase.

There’s no creation without letting go what has been. There’s no space for the new if we hold to the old and keep it as the reference for what wants to emerge.

I used to be in love with my work and then I learned to let it go. Scribing has been the biggest lesson on this matter: each drawing resists for not more than a couple of hours or, rarely, a couple of days. All you have to do is not to fall in love with your creations. Falling in love with what we do is anyway a bad thing: we lost the sense of judgment and evaluation of the quality of what we are doing and miss the ability to look ahead with clarity and an open mind.

Fall in love with losing what you have done and open your heart, arms and mind to what’s next. Keep the past only as an experience that led to something¬†else, as the key that opens new unexpected doors. Document to loss and enjoy the empty space that this reveals.

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