141/365 – Don’t Be Shy.

141/365 – Don’t Be Shy.







Sometimes our ideas don’t come out just because we are too shy to show them to the rest of the world. Being shy isn’t so much about how we feel about our work as much as it is about how we feel others think of our work. Let me explain.

We have ideas, intentions, projects almost every day of our life. We think of things, make them happen, transform, imagine, design…and things come to life. These things can be anything: from a baby to a building, from a blog post to a drawing. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that by doing we express ourselves, we shout out the true ourselves to others, we share and reveal our inner being through a form of expression, whatever that is.

Sometimes we are shy to share these projects of any sort with anybody else, for various reasons: we fear judgement, we don’t trust enough our our product, we look for a form of perfection to show to others…whatever! There is the shame, in my opinion.

We miss an opportunity in not sharing and showing because that’s the only real feedback we will get about who we are and what we are doing. Our shyness takes away the pleasure of feedback, eventual failure and reinvention. We get stuck where we are and can be certain of one thing only: we will stay there and not be able to move much from it.


I stole this GIF from the internet, some time ago, and can’t remember where and from who. If you are the author forgive me and give me a chance to credit your work!

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