139/365 – Trust the Process.

139/365 – Trust the Process.

So many times the process saved my life just because I trusted it, and the latest was today.
I sometimes forget how important it is to have a process in place we can rely on and relate to at any moment.
For this blog as well as for any other project, this structure is just a great one to get things done, the right way…
So, if you like it, try out this one:

Where am I starting from, where am I operating and what do I want, what do I know about what’s around me?

Where do I really want to go and what do I really want to achieve, what are my targets and why?

What do I want to achieve at a practical level? What am I going to hold in my hands at the end of it?

What do I need to know? Who else do I need and why? Where can I find it?

Go out and create: do it, make it happen, make it alive, shape it and see it fly.

What are all the details that will make it work?

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