138/365 – Archive Everything.

138/365 – Archive Everything.

One thing I definitely find useful while creating is to be good at archiving. An archive isn’t only good to make sure you don’t lose what you are working on and everything you create in general, but also and mostly to be able to go back to something that still has value and got lost or forgotten somewhere.

A well-organized archive helps keep track of what you do and gives you the chance to go back to what is in the past, which is often either something JUST ready to be cooked in the new moment or, at least, something that will provoke thoughts and inspire a move.

I have a practice of going often back to the past images, thoughts, words and ideas and fish for something. What are they telling me now? What’s different in my life from back then? How can I take what I have and turn it upside down or inside out and make it new and relevant?

When our mission is to create, there’s nothing to waste. Everything becomes useful and comes in our support; most of the times even without asking for it.


This specific image is part of a series of self-portraits photographic experiments on film, ca.1992.

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