129/365 – Lover Energy.

129/365 – Lover Energy.

In going through one of the many versions of the archetypes available out there, the one that talks about sovereign, warrior, magician, and lover, I do get fascinated by this last one the most.

I connect the Lover energy to everything that’s possible. It is by using and embodying this energy that we can create and do well. It is thanks to the actions that this one provokes that we can actually see things happen.

The Lover can activate things, can cause change, make the unexpected appear.

It’s not that other energies are less effective or not capable of making things happen, it is just that, in my opinion, nothing can really happen without love.
The care and attention we put in what we do come to surface as the first thing.
The devotion and coherence in doing something is what makes this happen.

The Lover makes everything else move, including the Warrior or the Magician.
It is origination, fire, expression.
It begins.

It causes.

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